Garage Conversions and House Extensions in Anglesey
Which One Should You Choose?


As professional house builders, we’ve worked on many projects throughout Anglesey and the areas we cover, constructing a wealth of new homes and renovating others. Part of our building services includes garage conversions and house extensions, altering the interior of properties to suit the ever-changing needs of households. If you’re in desperate need of additional space or a more practical and functional interior layout, do you know which renovation would best suit your requirements? 

As specialists in the following home improvements, our team at DB Construction & Development Ltd can help you choose by weighing up the pros and cons of both. We also complete our projects with a range of driveways to complement the exterior of the properties we work on. 

Examples of our home customisation services include:

House Extensions

Guaranteed to provide additional living space, home extensions present an ideal solution to clients who are looking for extra room and don’t want the hassle or costs of moving from your Anglesey home. Well-built and aesthetically pleasing extensions will add value to any property, so they can be considered a wise investment.

You can also customise the additional space to suit your personal needs, such as a larger kitchen, extra bedroom, or home office. Our house builders at DB Construction & Development Ltd can help you achieve the perfect interior; it’s all part of our building services.

On the other hand, they can be expensive, especially if planning permission is required, so it’s vital you budget accordingly. Building applications may take time as well, resulting in your new living space taking longer to complete than you would like. House extensions can also reduce the size of your outdoor space and lead to the requirement of additional hard landscaping, such as new patios, paving and driveways.

Garage Conversions

Our property conversions instantly add space and practicality, providing the same interior options as extensions. And, as the basic part of the new structure is already in place, they can be considerably more cost-effective. Having the groundwork and building frame in situ guarantees a faster construction process, with minimal exterior renovations required. 

If you’re concerned about altering the outside of your home, a conversion may be the answer, as the majority of the work is internal. All we need to add is a selection of windows in a complementary style whilst ensuring the plastering or brickwork remains sympathetic.

However, garage conversions do mean the loss of one or more parking spaces, which may be an issue for clients who don’t have driveways or other means of parking. Whilst they offer a range of interior options, the design and layout are limited to the existing dimensions unless you consider extra alterations. These may require further permissions as well. Not everyone wants a garage conversion either, so your property’s resale value might be affected.

Whilst both house extensions and garage conversions offer an equal amount of pros and cons, it’s entirely up to you which one you’d prefer. And don’t forget, our house builders and building services team at DB Construction & Development Ltd are more than happy to help with recommendations based on our many years of experience.

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