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Is a garage conversion worth it?

Depending on your existing property and your requirements, a garage conversion may be a good investment. Many homeowners opt for garage conversions for a number of reasons, including space, aesthetics and functionality. A garage conversion is popularly chosen because it can increase the value of your property. Our team provides a range of building services to enhance builds including house extensions, new driveways and our house builders can even construct new builds. Here, our experts have answered a few commonly asked questions about garage conversions in Caernarfon and the surrounding areas.

Will it Add Value to My Home?

Whether you want your conversion to be used as an additional bedroom, home office or storage space, this type of building work is viewed as a valuable project. This is because conversions can indicate that a build is worth more money as it’s usable space has been maximised. For a relatively inexpensive venture, this building work can dramatically increase the value of your home. 

Will it Make My Home More Attractive?

Garage conversions can make your home more attractive to prospective buyers and for those living in the house. Conversions are extremely versatile because they can be used as all types of rooms, from children’s playrooms and workshops to studios and bedrooms, there will be an option for everyone. You get to decide how the space will be used, as will future owners or tenants. You can use the area as an open-plan space and join it with the main house to create a spacious living room or use it as a separate room for privacy.

DB Construction & Development Ltd also completes house extensions, driveways and a range of other building services to make your home more attractive. For those planning on moving, our house builders also construct new builds in Caernarfon and the other areas we cover

Does it Improve Functionality?

The short answer is yes, absolutely. Especially for those with a garage that fits two cars because that space can be turned into multiple rooms, such as a home office and storage area. You can even use it as an additional bedroom with a bathroom. The possibilities are endless so, you can use conversions to create a space, or spaces, that are optimised for your unique functionality requirements.

Are There Any Additional Benefits?

DB Construction & Developments Ltd creates impressive garage conversions that are contemporary and maximise the amount of usable living space. We can create additional space with our building services, including quality house extensions. Our house builders can also construct new builds for those that want a new space and we install attractive and durable driveways. The garage conversions we undertake in Caernarfon and the surrounding areas help enhance your enjoyment of your home. 

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