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Signs It May Be Time to Replace Your Driveway

At DB Construction & Development Ltd, our expert team undertakes a range of building services to improve properties in Bangor and all of the surrounding areas. Our house builders construct new builds and we complete house extensions, garage conversions and driveways. 

Here, our team have listed a few of the way you can tell it may be time to replace your driveway.



Cracks in your surface are an obvious sign that you need to replace your driveway. Cracking typically occurs in concrete driveways because of old age. Many other factors can contribute to cracking, including repeated heavy objects on the driveway.

Cracking is usually unattractive and it also creates openings that can lead to further damage. Substances including salt, gas and oil can permeate your driveway’s foundation, causing the cracks to become larger.


Spotting potholes, no matter the size, is another key way to tell your driveway needs replacing. Similarly to how potholes are created on roads, repeated wear and tear from inclement weather conditions and weight can cause them to appear. It is never advisable to park or drive over a pothole, which will make navigating your driveway a difficult task. Potholes can severely damage your vehicle’s suspension, wheels and other elements. 

Our team can complete replacements during some of the other building services we offer in Bangor, such as house extensions, garage conversions and the new builds our house builders construct. 

Poor Drainage

Typically, driveways will have been installed with at least one type of drainage system. This means that if you notice the surface of your driveway flooding more frequently, it is probably time to check it out. Driveways are normally installed at a slight angle so water can flow from the drive into the closest drainage system. Excess water can impact the aesthetics of your drive and create weak spots that can lead to potholes and cracks.


Greenery permeating the surface is a bad sign for multiple reasons. Whilst it’s normal for weeds to grow around your driveway, weeds growing in your actual driveway may indicate that the foundation of your driveway has been damaged. The foundation may have become damaged over time or from an exterior source, either way, it is a sign that it is probably time to replace your driveway. 


Even though there may not be anything technically wrong with it, an unattractive driveway can be a good reason to choose our building services and have it replaced. Driveways can lose their aesthetic appeal over time because of bad weather conditions, UV rays, daily use or chemicals. DB Construction & Development Ltd also completes house extensions and garage conversions and our house builders construct new builds to improve properties in Bangor and the other areas we cover

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